End Game Vs. Man or Zone - "Gun" [ARTICLE]

End Game Vs. Man or Zone - "Gun"

By: Lin Dunn

Provided by: WBCA

It's the end of the game. You are behind one, two or three points with no time outs. The play must work vs. man or zone. The following play will work in transition after a make or miss free throw or field goal, has multiple options, can be run on either side of the floor and can also be run out of a 1-4 high set.


Players 2 and 3 run wings wide. Player 5 runs to rim then to mid-post. Player 1 chooses right or left side.


Ball side wing sets a step-up screen. Player 1 drives off screen.


As Player 1 drives off wing's screen, wing flares off Player 4's pick. Player 1 can hit 5, drive baseline and hit 3, or kick back to 2 for a 3-pointer.


Player 2 can drive or shoot the 3-pointer or hit 5 for a high-low look.


Player 5 can shoot or hit 1 on a pin-down by 4 for a 3-point shot.



• Spend time with 1, 2, and 3 as the primary ball handler.

• If behind, after score, foul immediately.

• Multiple options keep defense from disrupting you.

• If need to delay, play can be run off of a 1-4 high set.

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16 Jan 2018

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