Dribbling - Full-Court Zig Zag Drill [ARTICLE]

Dribbling - Full-Court Zig Zag Drill
By: Ryan Goodson

Originally Published in: Basketball Essentials

Provided by: Human Kinetics


• Use one basketball and one player.

• The player starts on the baseline with the ball.


1. The player takes two dribbles to the right, changes direction, and takes two dribbles to the left and changes direction. The player repeats this pattern until they reach the opposite baseline. The player can use any of the four change-of-direction moves (figure 1.18).

2. The player then continues the drill back to the baseline.

3. The player receives 1 point each time they change directions.

4. The player performs the drill for one minute.

5. Record the player's score.



Players should keep their eyes up and focused on the middle of the floor and not on the particular direction that they are going.


Junior varsity: 10 to 16 changes of direction

Varsity: 17 to 23 changes of direction

All-conference: 24 to 30 changes of direction

All-American: 31 or more changes of direction

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03 Oct 2017

By Human Kinetics
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