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Motivating the Modern Athlete [ARTICLE]

by Dr. Marty Durden, Athletic Director - Presbyterian School - Houston, TX on

Today's athlete is different from years past. The much-publicized generation Y student-athletes (1980's-1999) have moved through college. Generation Z is...... Continue

Accountability in your Program [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

It's no secret the best teams in the world, in athletics or business, have a culture of accountability. For numerous reasons you could argue that accountability is the most important ingredient for a team's...... Continue

3 Keys to Success from Legendary Coach John Wooden [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

Coach John Wooden is one of the most widely respected and admired coaches in history. Over a 27-year tenure at UCLA, Coach Wooden led his basketball teams to 10 national championships in 12 years (including seven in a row), a record 88-game...... Continue

The Importance of Trust [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

There may not be a more crucial ingredient for success than TRUST. In basketball, trust has to be a two-way street. Players and coaches alike must trust each other on several different levels if we want to experience any kind of long-term success.... Continue

Creating a Toughness Mentality for Your Program [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

Almost every college team and basketball coach in the country talks about the word "toughness". Great teams have it and mediocre teams lack it. The question is how do these great teams attain such a high level of toughness? Do they recruit tougher...... Continue

Five on Two Block Out Drill [ARTICLE]

by WBCA on

Purpose: To teach players to find someone to block out, go to that player and make contact, find the ball, release, and go get the ball. Organization: Seven players, any combination of two coaches and/or managers, one ball, and one basket.. ... Continue

Accountability in Practice [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

As basketball coaches we all want to hold our players accountable in practice as well as in games both defensively and offensively. There is an old saying that “you play like you practice”. Therefore we are constantly working on trying to develop...... Continue

10 Ways to Earn More Playing Time [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

One of the most, if not the single most issues between coach and player is, PLAYING TIME. Players want to know why they are not playing more, and what they can do to earn more playing time on the court. Here are 10 areas to look at when trying to...... Continue

Iowa's Blueprint for Practice Organization [ARTICLE]

by Iowa State University Coach Lisa Bluder on

Regardless of what level we coach, we all basically have the same amount of time to prepare our team for the season. In college, we are allowed 30 practices before our first game with no more than 20 hours per week spent with our athletes...... Continue

Are You A Leader? [ARTICLE]


I try to build my success, brick by brick, and aim to get a little better every day. One of my focal points is improving my leadership. The words 'coach' and 'leader' are synonymous – so if I want to be the best coach I can be – I must continually...... Continue