Building Relationships with Your AD [ARTICLE]

Building Relationships with Your AD
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Don't wait until you need something to communicate with your administration. Get to know your administrator in a respectful way. If your administrator is unaware of who you are, be the first to initiate a conversation with them. If you have a dining faculty in your building, stop by and ask how their day is going.

If your administrator makes a habit of coming out to games, make sure to strike up a little conversation with them. If something great happens-in your department, send a text to them congratulating them.

Make sure you stop and create a relationship with your administrator. If you don't start communication early, it might be difficult to talk to them when you need to talk to them. Start the line of communication and trust early.

Things to avoid

Make sure you have an understanding of what else is going on in the athletic department. The administrator has a lot and overlooking a lot of sports. Be cautious when asking questions and don't overstep your boundaries.


The key to all relationships is communication. Make sure to communicate with your administrator and show that you're a dedicated member of the staff.

Trust is another key aspect. Talking to them frequently and keep them informed. This will help them trust you and understand what you're going through.

If you don't know their story, ask them. Most people like to share their story. Be engaged and attentive when you speak with them.


• You don't have to wait until scheduled meetings to build a relationship

• Be loyal to your direct supervisor when building relationships with your administrator

• Use holidays to initiate conversation

  ° Wish them a happy Thanksgiving, Happy New Year, etc.

• It's lonely at the top

  ° People rarely ask how administrators are doing

  ° It's nice for you to be supportive of them

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