The Three Lane Drill [ARTICLE]

The Three Lane Drill

By: Coach Pat Summitt

Provided by: WBCA


To help develop skill in moving without the ball.

Use three offensive players.


  1. Players start on the baseline and line up in three lines: on the right side, in the middle, and on the left side of the court, respectively.
  2. The ball starts in the middle (see diagram 1).
  3. The outside players cut and then come back to the ball.
  4. The ball is passed to one side to begin the drill; no dribbling at first.
  5. The other two players cut and come back to the ball until they reach the other end of the court.
Coaching Points
  • Players must stay in their lane.
  • Timing is important. Players must time their cuts and get open when the passer is ready to deliver the pass.

  • Add defensive players (see diagram 2).
  • Allow two dribbles to help advance the ball.
  • Add a shot at the end of the drill.
  • Allow skip passes to the other side of the court.

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29 Aug 2016

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