Continuation Passing Drill [ARTICLE]


Continuation Passing Drill
By: Tony Ingle - Dalton State

Originally Published in: Time-Out Magazine

Provided by: NABC

Our drills at Dalton State are designed for us to specifically work on fundamentals that we actually use in games. We feel it is vital for every player to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. However, with the time we have for practice we must improvise and get right to the fundamentals that we need to improve on. It is our belief that one critical part of the game that leads to success is the ability to make the "Correct Pass" within the given circumstance.

Thus, we created a Continuation Passing Drill that can be done in just a few minutes where every player on the team practices to perfect several different fundamental passes that require proper target locations, speed, distance, angles, trajectory and accuracy. I must add a teaching point, "It is simple but not easy" at first, but with time we are confident you will experience success in game-like conditions from the entire team.

The Continuation Passing Drill begins with two rebounders (each with a ball) at opposite ends of the court with other players strategically placed to perform the passes required of them. The drill is continuous and simultaneous as both rebounders start the drill at opposite baskets by throwing the ball off of the backboard to simulate a rebound. On one side of the court, the rebounder (A) outlets the ball using an overhead pass to player "B" who is calling for the ball with his hands up, giving the passer a target. In this drill it is very important to be ready for the pass and always communicating with your teammates. Player "B" then advances the ball to the middle man Player "C" who starts at the top of the circle and takes a dribble or two before throwing a crisp chest pass to player "D" on the side. Player "D" then passes it to Player "E" who is calling out "Corner" and then makes a Step Curl bounce pass into the low post (Player F) for the basket. Player "E" can also make the pass to Player "F" at the high post for a different look.

While Players "A-F" are going through the drill on the other side of the court, Players "G-K" are performing different types of passing options on their side. Remember, this drill is a continuous drill and each player rotates to the next position after making the correct pass. Player "G" is the Rebounder and does a release dribble and then makes a baseball pass to Player "H" who is running up the side of the court looking for the ball. It is important that Player "H" doesn't start running up the court until the rebounder has made his release dribble. Once Player has received the pass, his first option is to hit Player "I" in the corner and continue to run to the 3 PT line looking for a pass back three point shot from the man in the corner. The 2nd option would be Player "H" making a pass to Player "J" at the top of the circle, who is looking for the Lob pass to Player "K" at the basket or to hit Player "I" in the corner. Remember that each sequence of passes always starts with the rebounder throwing it off the glass to simulates a rebound situation.


There are many different options and wrinkles you can put into this Continuation Passing Drill and it is a great way to get your players communicating and, most importantly, it teaches them very important game-like passing fundamentals! 2

With close to 30 years of coaching experience at just about every level of basketball, Tony Ingle, a Dalton native, led the Roadrunners to the NAIA Division I championship in 2014-15, just the second season of the men's basketball for Dalton State. This was the second national title for Ingle, who guided Kennesaw State to the NCAA Division II championship in 2004.

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29 Aug 2016

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