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Early Offense Strategy and Keys [ARTICLE]


I consider myself an avid golfer and a few years ago I heard a great analogy about early offense in basketball and how it relates to golf. I heard University of North Carolina's Roy Williams, also an avid golfer; say that if he played Tiger Woods...E... Continue

Playing As the Underdog [ARTICLE]

by Jeremy Ruffin - Pensacola Christian College on

Some coaches might look at playing as an Underdog a challenge. Some coaches might look at playing as an Underdog as disrespectful. We, here at Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, FL, have taken on the Underdog role in several games. At our...... Continue

Creating Power and Balance in Women's Basketball [ARTICLE]

by on

As the old saying goes, "basketball is basketball." True, but there are some differences in teaching the game between men and women. The main difference is due to body structure, because in general women players do not use their hips as much...... Continue

Non-Traditional Basketball Stats that Impact the Game [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

What are the stats that you look at when you first look at a stat sheet? Traditionally everyone looks at the following stats in this order:... Continue

Getting More Out of Your Players [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

Many times in coaching basketball, we get frustrated with our players for their lack of heeding our instruction or what seems to be their apathetic understanding of what we have tried to communicate to them. Written below are some things that I...... Continue

Effective Pregame Drills to Get Your Players Ready for Game Time [ARTICLE]

by Online Basketball Drills on

These drills will help getting them ready and get them to the proper mental focus so that they can be at their best.... Continue

New SAT Grading Scale Released for NCAA and NAIA Initial Eligibility [ARTICLE]


In the spring of 2016, the SAT rolled out a newly formatted exam. As a result, both the NCAA and NAIA recently released revised SAT minimum score requirements, which...... Continue