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Off-Season Workout Program for Basketball Centers [ARTICLE]

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To dominate in the paint, basketball centers must be big, strong and have a high vertical jump. They must also have the endurance to run from hoop to hoop so they can play under the basket on both offense and defense...... Continue

The Best Exercises for Female Basketball Players [ARTICLE]

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The differences between male and female basketball strength training are minimal. Both guys and gals must get bigger, stronger and faster and be able to jump higher. If they want to compete on the court, female athletes must increasingly train...... Continue

3 Keys To Coaching Man-To-Man Defense [ARTICLE]

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No matter what level of play, all basketball teams share a common goal: have the higher score when the final buzzer sounds. A strong offense is your playmaker, but defense wins games. Although some coaches favor active zone defenses, in my...... Continue

Zone Offense Concepts [ARTICLE]

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Over the course of my coaching career, we have worked on zone concepts rather than specific plays. When utilizing these concepts, our program's specific objectives for the season were to get easy baskets; get inside to secure second shots at the...... Continue

The Carolina Break for Middle and High School Teams [ARTICLE]

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Middle and high school basketball coaches who prefer an up-tempo style have several options when using the Carolina Break. The offense works well because you can run the options against either man-to-man or zone defenses.... Continue

Shooting Drills from the University of New Mexico's Women's Basketball [ARTICLE]

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Yvonne Sanchez, coach of the University of New Mexico women's basketball team, emphasizes proper footwork at all times. That's why she has her players perform shooting drills that require them to be fundamentally sound. Sanchez says, "You have to...... Continue

2 Drills to Increase Your Basketball Shot Quickness and Accuracy [ARTICLE]

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It's said that the game of basketball is won with defense, but the final result usually reflects the ability to score points and shoot consistently. Honing this skill takes time and commitment to practicing your shots during the off-season. ... Continue

Creating Power and Balance in Women's Basketball [ARTICLE]

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As the old saying goes, "basketball is basketball." True, but there are some differences in teaching the game between men and women. The main difference is due to body structure, because in general women players do not use their hips as much...... Continue

WBCA Drills and Plays [ARTICLE]

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"Thumbs Down" Offensive Continuity By Mike Bowden - Video Director, University of Maryland..and other plays... Continue

Non-Traditional Basketball Stats that Impact the Game [ARTICLE]

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What are the stats that you look at when you first look at a stat sheet? Traditionally everyone looks at the following stats in this order:... Continue